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Founder & Designer
Süti, Co.


The story of how Süti and PhoneBack came into this world is a personal one. As an Apple enthusiast, I've owned every iPhone since their 2007 debut. Year after year, I'd unbox my new iPhone, admire its design, and then swiftly hide it in a bulky case. Why? Because back then that's what everybody did. How long did it take me to figure out the only time I really obsessed over my phone's elegance was the day I bought it? Too long. No matter how thin, luxurious, or transparent the case, nothing came close to my iPhone's raw beauty. Nothing. I gave up on cases. And dropping it? Turns out the greater attention I gave my iPhone, because it was not in a case, squashed that fear. I never dropped it.


So, was everything better without a case? No. It didn't take me long to figure out that cases do have some benefits that I missed. Cases protect the protruding cameras, they prevent the phone from sliding, they provide a protective side to rest your phone, give a little extra grip, and allow for some individual style and color options.


    In early 2023 I began work on developing a solution that would give me all the benefits of a case, along with all the benefits of going caseless. In my experience, the simplest solutions are invariably the best. And thus, the idea of a phone case, without sides, was born. I named it PhoneBack.


    Designing and developing the prototypes took me across the globe. I collaborated with the brightest experts in their fields. From industrial design modelers, material specialists, magnet scientists, precision manufacturing engineers, and so many more. It was the most inspired and fulfilling design project I've ever worked on. 


    After investing over a year in heavy design and prototyping we quietly launched Süti and PhoneBack in December 2023. It's been an unexpected overnight success thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response and customers spreading the word to friends and family. I know that PhoneBack isn't for everyone. But I didn't design PhoneBack for everyone. I designed it for me, and for you.


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