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A Case For No Case

A Case For No Case

Phone cases, while popular and widely used, may not be necessary for iPhones for several reasons. Firstly, Apple invests heavily in the design and durability of their products. iPhones are constructed with high-quality materials such as the new titanium for iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand everyday wear and tear. The use of scratch-resistant glass and robust frames minimizes the need for additional protection. Many argue that covering up the iPhone's sleek and elegant design with a case detracts from the aesthetic appeal and premium feel of the device.


Phone cases can add bulk and weight to an otherwise slim and lightweight iPhone. Many people appreciate the slim form factor of their iPhones and prefer not to compromise this aspect by adding a case. Some cases may even impede wireless charging or the functionality of certain accessories, making them less convenient for users who rely on these features such as MagSafe.


There's a valid argument that being overly reliant on phone cases can lead to a false sense of security. While they can protect against minor drops and scratches, they may not provide foolproof protection in more severe accidents. Users may become less cautious with their iPhones, assuming the case will always provide adequate protection, which can lead to costly repairs or replacements when accidents do happen. Consider using a Süti PhoneBack instead of a case for you iPhone. They provide camera and back of phone protection, better grip, and no added bulk.

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