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Production Delays and Inventory

Production Delays and Inventory

You might be asking, why is Süti having such trouble keeping inventory in stock? If you've been following my development of Süti and PhoneBack since the launch in December 2023 you'll remember that we experienced numerous production delays. These have continued but it's been further exacerbated recently by demand increasing much faster than our production capacity. You might be surprised to know, as I was, that PhoneBack is incredibly difficult to mass produce. It's not just an iPhone case without sides. Well, I guess it kind of is, but the manufacturing expertise needed to make PhoneBack is way more complex than a traditional phone case. Phone cases are made of cheap flexible plastics that hug the device and grasp the phone using the sides as an anchor. PhoneBack only has MagSafe and the cameras to use as its anchors. It needs to sit perfectly flat against the back of the phone while only using the magnets in the center to apply attractive force. Therefore the sides and edges of PhoneBack require more complex manufacturing techniques to keep the edge as flat as possible around the outside. I refuse to use any adhesives with PhoneBack, which would easily solve this issue, because it would lose the elegant simplicity and magic of the design. Due to these manufacturing complexities our output is lower than we want because we have a very high scrap rate (during production we are rejecting and reworking nearly 50% of what's produced). I was in Shenzhen three weeks ago finalizing new designs and manufacturing techniques that should get us on track. We're now retooling our molds and setting up new production lines which will take about forty-five days.

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